Every Kid Can Code

Every Kid Can Code

Programming is no longer a knowledge for a select few. All fields of higher education use computers and programming to achieve better goals and create innovations. It has become an essential skill in 21st century.

Beaver Coding Academy provides an opportunity for kids to learn programming at an early age. They can use this knowledge to build fun projects and even use it in later projects of their own.

We are launching a summer camp in July-August 2021 with online-only lessons! You can reserve a spot NOW free!!

Scratch Programming Concepts

Ages: 6 years and above

Price: $100/week

Time: 10 AM-noon

Dates: July 19 to 30 ( 2 week duration)

Learn programming using the amazing tool designed by MIT!

  • Learn the concepts
  • No prior experience required!
  • Make programming fun!

Preview Class

Contact us to register for a preview lesson to experience how the student experience feels like. We promise to make your education experience exceptional. Your feedback is welcome!

Parent Consultation

Not sure what you are looking for? Do let us know in the contact form and one of our associates will call you for a one-to-one consultation!